Technology development is the key to our future

About company

BtThe Blockchain Technology company was established in 2020.

Its story began back in 2018, when we thought about the ways to implement some new directions in the field of blockchain technologies.  It was obvious for us that this was a very promising sphere, the possibilities of which are far from exhausted.

We investigated the versatility of using blockchain in the international economic system and made the main bet on the introduction of the latest IT services and blockchain in everyday life.

For example, for the first time in history, the Technology Blockchain company is creating an international loyalty program with a system for calculating bonus points on the blockchain.  We believe in the prospects of this area and intend to achieve great success in it. Today, it is the use of the latest technologies in the implementation of projects that allows us to achieve large-scale goals. The first thing we decided to implement is the ability to simplify the use of the service of searching for goods and services with the maximum possible discount for any user.

We are creating a platform that will simultaneously be a unique discount service for customers and a new opportunity to promote goods and services for sellers.  The system we are creating will encourage healthy competition among manufacturers and sellers and it will help to increase the purchasing power of the population. This will become our contribution to the development of the state economy, due to the increased cash flow.

We are not going to stop.  Our company will constantly look for new opportunities in the field of IT-technologies and not only there.