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Blockchain implementation in the Russian voting system

blockchainNext month, two pilot blockchain voting projects will be launched in different regions of the country. One of them will be operated by the state telecom provider Rostelecom, and the other will be operated by the Moscow City Administration’s IT Department, which has led previous blockchain voting pilot projects.

Rostelecom’s platform will be used for remote voting on September 13 in two regions of Russia – Kursk and Yaroslavl regions, where residents will vote to fill vacancies in the State Duma.

The system will be based on a private enterprise version of the Waves blockchain. According to a press release circulated on Wednesday by Rostelecom and Waves, the system assumes “control by all authorized participants in the election process, including independent observers.”

However, according to Natalya Bakrenko, a spokesman for Rostelecom, the blockchain nodes will be located exclusively on Rostelecom servers, and for security reasons, independent observers will not be able to launch their own nodes.

Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov said that observers will still be able to watch what is happening: “All information from the voting blockchain will be published on a special portal that anyone can access. Cryptographic tools ensure that this data cannot be tampered with. “

Despite the difficult experience of previous voting on the blockchain in Russia, according to Ivanov, this direction remains good business for Waves.

“Voting has always been one of the most promising areas for blockchain technology adoption. It is extremely important for us to participate in the launch of one of the first large-scale     projects using blockchain, in addition to money applications, ”Ivanov said.