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Loyalty program

The Blockchain Technology loyalty program description.

We would like to present to your attention the first international loyalty program with the implemented blockchain platform for accounting and data storage OUROBOROS.  The main value of the company is caring for people.  The purpose of the loyalty program is to enable anyone who wants to save and earn money with Blockchain Technology

A special application of the OURO Blockchain Technology will reflect the real results of using the funds: users will be able to see how much and for what period they saved.  The principles of the program are simple, and understanding them is not difficult.

1. How to become a member of the loyalty program

To become a member of the loyalty program, you should register through the official application or personal account on the Blockchain Technology website: https://t-blockchain.ru/ and pass the verification of identity.

 Registered users can use the service of issuing plastic cards for payment with bonuses in the stores of the program partners.  You can get a card by courier or using the new technology of instant issuance of plastic cards – kartomatov.  The list of automata is in the application and on the Blockchain Technologies website.

Obtaining a plastic card is optional: you can pay with bonuses through the application using the QR code for contactless payment.

 After passing the verification, the user becomes a full-fledged participant in the loyalty program.  Now he can purchase OURO bonus points through his personal account, in any affordable and convenient way.  After payment, bonus points are instantly displayed in the wallet.

In the application and in the personal account on the website, each user has two different balances: the balance of bonus units and the balance of OURO units.  OURO units duplicate bonus points.  This system allows you to increase the security of storage of funds in the account.  Changing the balance of bonus points without the knowledge of the user will be impossible.  The OUROBOROS blockchain technology is fully responsible for accounting and controlling the balance of users.

2. How to save

The Blockchain Technology company does a tremendous job by connecting all new partners to its program.  Partners are sellers of goods and services around the world.  What does this mean in practice?

For example, a user comes to a shoe store that is a member of a loyalty program.  He picks up shoes worth 10,000 rubles.  The store offers to pay this pair of shoes with OURO loyalty program bonuses.  In addition, as a program partner, the store will provide an additional discount on its products.  This means that the user of the program will pay for shoes not 10,000 rubles, but 9,000. Because, on the basis of a partnership with Blockchain Technology, this shoe store provides a 10% discount on the sale of goods, in case of an exchange for OURO bonus points.

The discount on a product or service is not necessarily 10%.  She is appointed by the partner on her own.  But in any case, the benefits of using a loyalty program will be obvious.  The loyalty program application and a separate section in your account on the website will help users track expenses and see how much money has been saved for a certain time.

3. How to make money by connecting new partners.

The company has developed an earnings program for self-employed citizens.  Instead of containing an army of managers, Blockchain Technology enables anyone who wants to, regardless of location, to become a remote employee-partner.

Especially for such employees, the “Connect a partner” section has been developed.

How does it work?  For example, a loyalty program participant comes to a sporting goods store that is not yet a partner of Blockchain Technology.  Tells the manager about the working principles and advantages of the OURO loyalty program: that the connection is absolutely free and makes it possible to significantly increase sales.  If this store is interested, the user electronically fills out the necessary sections from his personal account or application and sends data to the system.  It’s all!

The company takes on further work.  If the negotiations were successful, and the new partner joined the program, the user receives a certain percentage, the amount of which is set individually.

The percentage of return depends on several factors.  It is made up by the percentage of discount established by the store when exchanging for goods, and the percentage that Technology Blockchain retains as a commission.

For example, a store gives a 10% discount on a product.  8% is a discount on the purchase of goods by the buyer, 1% is the commission of the company and 1% is the earnings of a remote partner.  It is not difficult to calculate that if the store’s turnover is 500,000 rubles per month, the partner will receive 5,000 rubles of passive income.  And by connecting ten stores or service providers with a similar turnover, the partner will be able to reach a monthly income of 50,000 rubles.  A good amount without too much effort!  All information about the partners involved and the income received will be displayed in the application and the personal account of the employee on the site.

4. Bonus Back Program

Purchases are more profitable with the OURO Blockchain Technology loyalty program even without additional discounts from partners.  If the partner of the program exchanges the goods for OURO without a discount, at the end of each month for such purchases additional points will be credited to the user’s account.  By analogy with the cashback system: The Bonus Back program works in exactly the same way.  All information about the balance of bonuses and their accrual will be displayed in the application and personal account on the site.

For various requests within the framework of the loyalty program  support@t-blockchain.ru