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New York Times is testing the project on the blockchain

authenticityThe research department of The New York Times is testing its own blockchain project designed to reduce the spread of inaccurate information in the online space. In particular, we are talking about images that, after being uploaded to the network, can be edited in order to distort their essence.

The News Origins Project tests are aimed at determining the public reaction to images on the web. For this, a prototype was created using blockchain, which allows to emulate the perception of images in the news feed of the alleged social network.

“We wanted to know if visual contextual information, such as the name of the photographer or location, would help readers better recognize the credibility of the photos in the news feed,” the publication explains.

Blockchain in this case helps to track the history of the distribution of images from the source, which makes it “an attractive technology for determining the origin.” The primary results were encouraging for the researchers, as readers noted the improved understanding of context with this approach.