Technology development is the key to our future

Our holding

The world is accelerating.  New discoveries, new achievements, new technologies are designed to make human life better.  In the age of super speed the idea comes to the fore.  The idea drives us in the process of creation.  It’s something that can change the world and turn the tide of history.

The Blockchain Technology company was born from the idea of ​​making modern IT technologies close and understandable to everyone, introducing them into all spheres of human activity, contributing to progress.  Blockchain technology is a holding uniting several advanced business lines.  The company is constantly developing, covering all new industries, and strives to take a leading position in its direction.


The main purpose of the holding is to become an international scientific platform, a center of innovation.  Development and implementation of software solutions in the field of robotics and mechanical engineering, research in the fields of medicine, space and energy are being carried out on the basis of the company.

The interests of Blockchain Technology extend widely.  The holding has assembled a team of high-class specialists, professionals who are passionate about their business.  The company’s employees are united by a common mission – to work for the good of humanity.