Technology development is the key to our future

Products and services

our-productas“Blockchain Technology”company, created in 2020, aims to make blockchain technologies close and understandable to everyone – because the technology, accessible to a narrow circle of people, can never truly change the world. We want to change that.

To achieve this goal, we have gathered a team of professionals united by a common purpose to make the world a better place. Currently, they are working on the following projects:



1. Loyalty Program

The world’s first loyalty program based on a blockchain platformour cards, which you can use to pay in most stores, helps you save money and earn money. Your personal account allows you to transfer bonus points to other users, track unique discounts in your favorite stores, and visualize your own spending.

 2. Messenger

Using the Signal cryptographic Protocol, we build a messenger that you really want to use – users can communicate using text messages, audio and video calls, create groups, channels, and even chatbots using the built-in constructor. Moreover, the messenger is closely integrated with the Ouroboros blockchain, which allows you to send or receive coins in a couple of clicks.

Part of the user data is stored in the Ouroboros blockchain, in encrypted form – to decrypt it, you need a private key that only the owner has.

 3. All-In Platform

All-In is a unique product that is a hybrid of a classic Bulletin Board and an online store, with the ability to conduct secure transactions. The product allows businesses to own their own online store based on All-In, and consumers to find the product at the best price, while taking into account the reviews of users who actually ordered this product.

 4. Ouro Poker

A modern poker room that lets you play Texas hold’em with other users using the ouro cryptocurrency. The results of any game (including the values of the random number generator for distribution) are recorded in the blockchain and can be viewed by any user, which completely eliminates the possibility of fraud.

 5. The Ouroboros Blockchain

We are the official developer of the Ouroboros Blockchain, we are constantly improving and refining the Ouroboros blockchain. This blockchain is used by us as a system for storing and recording user data. Specifically in the loyalty program, for the purpose of fixing and controlling points on customer accounts. The Ouroboros blockchain is an ideal tool for preventing manipulation and hacking in the loyalty program system. At the moment, we are actively working on the following blockchain extensions, which will be implemented no later than the end of the year:

1. Blockchain-based smart contracts – any user can upload their own smart contracts compiled in Web Assembly to the Ouroboros blockchain. Smart contracts will allow you to create your own coins based on the Ouroboros blockchain (like ERC20 in Ethereum), and implement a unique business logic. Moreover, we plan to introduce smart contract constructors that will allow any user without technical knowledge to launch their own coin.

2. Storing files via IPFS (ipfs.io) – in addition to using IPFS to store encrypted data of our products, any user of Ourobors will be able to use IPFS to store personal and public data.