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SPECIAL спонсор Blockchain Life 2020 – Blockchain Technology

bt-life2We welcome all our investors and partners! 

We remind you that the main and most long-awaited crypto event in the world – Blockchain Life 2020, will take place on October 21-22 in Moscow at the ultra-modern Music Media Dome! This event will bring together the heads of the world’s largest companies, leading experts in the blockchain industry, founders of leading crypto coins, investors, start-up owners, miners, developers and government officials from all over the world!

The key tasks of the forum are: the development of the blockchain and its implementation in business, the analysis of current ways of making money in the field of cryptocurrencies, trading and mining, the creation of a platform for dialogue between the industry community and government agencies.

For the Forum participants, for the first time, an online networking platform was presented a few weeks before the start of the forum and a Speed-networking (quick acquaintance) zone was organized during 2 days of the Forum.

But the most important thing is that at Blockchain Life 2020, our company Blockchain Technology will act as a special sponsor! We will provide our products and developments to a wide range of investors and entrepreneurs. For us, this is a very important and responsible step on the way to international development!

We will present the following line of our products:

1. OUROBOROS blockchain

2. Loyalty program with full functionality and a card machine

3. Hybrid Marketplace All In

4. Messenger Sputnik-1

5. Crypto Poker

6. Crypto projects OURO and KRG Token

We also remind you that for our investors and partners there is a special OURO promo code for a 10% discount on forum tickets! Learn more and buy a ticket at a promotional price: https://blockchain-life.com/europe/ru/#tickets-row